Life: Heart swirling, feet tripping, breath racing in waltz time. Dance, dance, to this marvelous melody, haunting and tempting with its glimmering tune and its horrid claws.
Summertime Sadness VIII
Anna-Lisa (2016)
From Dusk Till Dawn I
Sina (2016)
Heimathafen VII
Mine (2016)
Sandsturm IX
Clara (2016)
On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur IX
Ponny (2015)
Sparkling joy V
Nina (2015)
An empire of question marks VII
Julia (2014)
Teardrop on the fire IV
Marilla (2014)
Dancer in the dark XIII
Jasmin (2014)
You spelled your name in charcoal all over my body V
Katha & Arne (2013)
Walking On Glass VIII
Anna-Lisa (2013)
Adagio for Summer Wind VII
Katharina (2013)
No light, no light IV
Mo (2012)
Lisa (2012)
Hiding from the light II
Julia (2012)
Are we human, or are we dancer II
Marlene (2012)
Skin like velvet
Anne (2012)
Rose hip princess II
Gloria (2011)
Dancing through wilderness IV
Gesine (2011)
Dancing for rain III
Alex (2011)
Gramophone elegance VIII
Elisa (2010)
So long VIII
Sissi (2010)
So close to you II
Lisa (2009)
Sissi (2009)